9:00 AM - 12:00 PM MASTERCLASS A: Designing a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy to Create Next Generation Contact Centers

Jay Bray Cabaña, Head of Technology and Operations, Ayala Rewards Circle
Digital transformation has increasingly become a top priority among contact centers. In order to stay competitive, organisations need to ensure that their contact center strategies stay relevant to increasing customer expectations. Despite voice strategy being the preferred avenue for many customers, digital channels provide new opportunities for enhanced customer engagement, operational efficiency and revenue generation.

In working towards crafting a strategic and effective roadmap for optimal results, this workshop provide participants with the right digital transformation strategy and key steps to enable a smooth transition for seamless omni-channel experience and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Strategy formulation and a step-by-step customer-centric approach in transforming the nature of contact centers and service delivery models
  • Where and how to digitise: Making the right choices and investments for technology implementation
  • Connecting digital capabilities and channels to enhance customer success
  • Moving from voice to non-voice workforce: How does digital transformation reduce the need for human agents?
  • How people, process and technology can come together to deliver real value to customers and the business
  • Eliminating migration pitfalls and cost of failure – Lessons learnt and best practices to adopt
  • Case study on Expedia's digital transformation strategy


Jay Bray Cabaña

Head of Technology and Operations
Ayala Rewards Circle

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM MASTERCLASS B: Chat Bots and Artificial Intelligence: From Strategy to Integration to Value Creation

Automation of customer service has been widely implemented by contact centres for many years. Especially in Philippines, many contact centres are now exploring how chat bots and artificial intelligence can help in automatically responding to simple customer queries, while refocusing their agents towards handling more complex issues.

With chat bots fast transforming how agents interact with customers and the future of customer service, this workshop outlines the benefits of implementing chat bots, from its solution capabilities to integration and deployment process to realising the ROI for contact centres.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding the basic mechanics and concept of chat bots and live chats – How do they work and what can they do?
  • Key strategies and useful tips for integration and deployment of chat bots and live chats in contact centres
  • Challenges and pitfalls to avoid in implementing chat bots and live chats
  • Measuring the ROI of chat bots and live chats in improving operational efficiency and customer experience