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In this report we have compiled the findings from our latest survey conducted with the leaders of contact centers based in Philippines. The following graphs provide insights into the most common challenges, the hottest topics and investment priorities for some of the biggest contact centers operating in Philippines.


Top 5 Tips to Transform Your Call Centre into a Revenue Generating Contact Centre

Too many businesses maintain a traditional call centre setup mentality that the centre is a necessary cost of supporting the parent company. They also accept that a certain degree of customer frustration and inefficient operational churn is an unavoidable part of the call centre experience. Both of these fallacies should be addressed by companies who understand that the modern contact centre is a revenue generating opportunity rather than a cost.

Download the article and learn how you can transform your call centre into a revenue generating contact centre.

10 Predictions for the Future of Asia’s Contact Centres

Technological innovation is one of the most exciting aspects of contact centre operations, but also arguably the most challenging as well. In a matter of a couple of years we have seen the rapid emergence of analytics, social media, multi-channel and the customer experience - areas that many contact centres are still trying to perfect.

But where will the industry be 5 years from now and how different will it be?

How to Empower your Contact Centre Agents to Improve the Customer Experience and Revenue

Empowering your call centre agents is a sure-fire way to improve the customer experience and drive revenue, but how do you empower some of your most junior, inexperienced staff? Part of the answer is to give them the tools they need to make the right decisions at the right time, but an equally important (and often overlooked) aspect is how these solutions are implemented and the processes surrounding them.

To explain, we take a look at three of the most useful solutions to help improve the customer experience and revenue: knowledge management software, a comprehensive CRM system and speech analytics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chatbots: Revolutionising Contact Centers for Greater Customer Experience

When properly integrated, AI and chatbot-based customer services represent a viable alternative to traditional customer service contact channels. Ideally used to augment and assist customer services operatives rather than replace them, chatbots are more than capable of handling basic interactions and menial data entry task. 

In this article, we examined: 

  • Benefits of AI Integration
  • AI Limitations
  • Debunking the Myths
  • The Key to Proper Integration
  • Recent AI Integration Success Stories 

Top 5 Key Strategies in Building a Customer-Centric Contact Center

Regardless of how customers choose to make contact with their preferred brands and service providers – whether by phone, IM, email, social media or another channel convenient to them - they will always want to feel valued and be heard.

In this article, we examined the top 5 key strategies you should implement for your contact center 

8 More Things Contact Center Leaders Must Do In 2017

In this article, we revealed the 8 things contact center leaders must do in 2017.  We stand by each of those imperatives, but we also recognize that the transition from caring about customers to delivering for customers requires more than eight actions. It requires at least sixteen. But for now, we’re thrilled to reveal eight more things leaders must do in 2017.

Does The Rise Of AI = The Fall Of Human Customer Service Agents?

A whopping 64% of businesses are considering AI-driven contact center technology, while 30% are committed to investing in AI this year.  The rise of artificial intelligence has indeed begun.

How will the rise of this technology affect the role humans play in customer management?